SWTOR Launcher Rage

Let me start by saying: I love the new Star Wars The Old Republic MMO. I’m still hoping to do some kind of a mini-review soon. However, I need to rant and potentially help others in this post.

Basically, since the Rise of the Rakghouls patch came out for TOR I was unable to play. My computer was just not downloading the patch properly. It kept freezing, restarting, asking me to click on the “repair” function which ultimately did nothing. Other people I knew were not having any problems. For some reason though, mine just would not work.

Eventually I tweeted SWTOR, telling them I was having issues. They sent me the link to some troubleshooting steps they had posted in the forum. … These did not help me. Frustration growing, as it had now been several days that I was unable to log on, I kept searching for solutions.

Eventually I happened upon this blog post: http://east-of-nowhere.com/2012/01/problem-with-the-swtor-launcher-how-to-fix-patching-problem/

Computer + Epic = TOO Godly???

In this post, the author mentions that this patching problem only seems to happen to high-end computers – which is what I have. My reaction: Are you shitting me? WHY?! Why would that even be a thing? My computer is TOO good? Whaaaa?

Solution #4 ended up being the only thing that would work for me (they did say it has worked 100% of the time!). I was just lucky that I have both an older laptop to download the game onto, and a huge external hard drive.

But really – I am not impressed with this debacle. So while this post was partially serving as an outlet for my need to rant, it also was so that I could provide the link to the blog post that helped me out. I wouldn’t have figured that out on my own, so thanks, East of Nowhere!


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1 Response to SWTOR Launcher Rage

  1. I’m glad I could help you. I had the same problem, and I had to dig around for hours through forums to get the information I got. So, since I had such a hard time with it, I decided to put all of that information into one article to make it easier on others in the future.

    It really baffles me that it tends to be only high-end PCs effected by the most ludicrous of issues with SWTOR>

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