Cabin in the Woods

I just went to see Cabin in the Woods, which came out today. Normally, I’m not the biggest fan of horror. I mean, I like reading Stephen King, I love zombie films, I watch Supernatural, and Silence of the Lambs is one of my favourites…. but I’m also a huge wuss a lot of the time. Usually I don’t go see horror movies in the cinema, either.

But Cabin in the Woods was a Joss Whedon creation. And if I’m anything, I’m a Whedon fan. I adore Firefly, Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, and of course, Buffy. So I had an internal battle between the Joss Whedon fan part of me and the scared-of-horror-movies part of me to decide whether to go see this movie in the theatre. Obviously the Joss Whedon fan part won, probably because my scared-of-horror-movies self cowered in the corner while the Joss Whedon self had hilarious comments and was awesome.

So I went.


Now, I can’t say much without spoilers, and I don’t want to ruin it for anyone else. It was awesome though. Funny at all the right (or wrong?) moments, scary and gory the rest of the time. Not for the faint of heart, but also not soul-crushingly terrible if you can be a little scared of horror movies sometimes, like me. I can handle gore, it’s psychological thrillers that really get me. And suspense. … And sometimes gore.

Anyway, what I’m ineptly trying to say here is that if you like horror movies, you’ll like it, but if horror movies aren’t always your thing, you still will probably like it (as long as you can handle some horror-esque stuff). Although if you’re looking for the scariest horror that ever was, then this probably isn’t the right film. I mean, I could handle it, after all.

Horror movie clichés are treated with satire, making the movie both familiar and refreshing. We see old genre tropes in a new way, and laugh about them with the film. Yet somehow it’s still pretty scary. I love Whedon’s humour, so I laughed a few times in the film. Particularly when ***SPOILERS*** someone was gored to death by a unicorn. Good times. ***END SPOILERS*** If you accidentally just read the spoiler, don’t worry, it’s not a big one.

At the end of the film, I was left asking myself some pretty big questions about human nature, free will, and right vs wrong. I like when movies make me think. Again, I don’t want to give anything away, so I’ll leave it there.

Go see Cabin in the Woods! Leave a comment and let me know what you thought of it!


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3 Responses to Cabin in the Woods

  1. shianwrites says:

    Is there any sex in it.? Can I see it with a 12 year old?

  2. Dee says:

    I wouldn’t see it with a 12 year old, there is some almost-sex, and breasts are shown.

  3. Matt O. says:

    I am also not a fan of horror movies, but I really liked this movie. It was unique and fun.

    I think the sex is the least of your worries with this movie.

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