My Journey to Loving FPS: Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2

So I’ve never been a huge FPS fan. Mostly because I don’t like things that I’m bad at – and, oh, was I bad at FPS.

The only first-person perspective game that I was ever good at was Portal, which doesn’t involve shooting. The only shooting game I was good at was Mass Effect, which is a third-person perspective. To play something that was first-person AND shooting stuff… I was reluctant.

Enter Borderlands 2: A fun mix of RPG (my one true love), humour, and FPS.

First came the frustration of sucking so hard at FPS that I would miss the enemies every time I shot at them.

I considered quitting, but when Handsome Jack would call me up just to be an asshole… I wanted to keep playing. Also because Borderlands 2 was pulling me into its addictive web of amusing/interesting quests, frequent loot drops, glowing green lockers to open, and endless enemies to mow down.

Slowly, begrudgingly, I became adequately competent at shooting stuff. But my strategy left something to be desired. And by strategy, I mean complete lack of strategy.

Saved by Big Dee … I mean, Salvador

Lucky for me, I had chosen the Gunzerker class, which is ideal for someone who has a habit of rushing in without a clue. He can run in recklessly, take out his second shotgun, regain his health quickly, and in short, mess bad guys up. I named him Big Dee.

I really think if I hadn’t chosen the Gunzerker, I would have become too frustrated with the game to keep playing. His ability to regain half his health when he gunzerks saved my life countless times.


Without even realizing it, I was starting to kill enemies much more efficiently. I was able to consistently hit their weak points. I wasn’t dying as often.

And holy shit, I was having fun. Like a frog who doesn’t notice it has been boiled alive until it’s too late, I hadn’t noticed that I was hooked on FPS (a genre of game that I supposedly didn’t like) until too late.

Addicted, I played the game incessantly. Finishing it with the Gunzerker, I downloaded the Mechromancer and started again. I could even use snipers properly now, having advanced from my “rush in blindly” method (although I’m still known to do that from time to time).


I even want to cosplay as Moxxi, but unfortunately I can’t make a decent costume to save my life.

DLC: Captain Scarlett’s Pirate Booty and Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage

As the DLC was released, I eagerly bought it. And I was impressed.

The pirate DLC was great, I enjoyed the new vehicle and the pirate-themed missions. I also found Shade to be incredibly creepy (is it just me or did they up the “creep-factor” for the DLC?), but hilarious at the same time. Especially his recordings as though he was all of the dead people in his little town.

Torgue’s DLC was pure unadulterated joy. EXPLOSIONS. YELLING. CARNAGE.

Beyond Borderlands 2

After playing Borderlands 2, I played the campaign of Halo 4. I’m much more comfortable in the first-person perspective now.

Next stop: backtracking to play Bioshock. I always wanted to play it, but the first-person-ness of it scared me off.

So I’d like to thank Borderlands 2 for being awesome enough to make me stick with an FPS game until I didn’t rage quit anymore. It’s opened up a whole new world of gaming possibilities.


Have you guys played Borderlands 2? What class is your favourite?


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4 Responses to My Journey to Loving FPS: Borderlands 2

  1. JoshuaEvo says:

    Borderlands 2 was my favorite game of 2012. I agree with pretty much every point you made, especially concerning how it just hooks people. It’s one of those “start playing at 10am, look at clock 20 minutes later and it’s actually 5pm” games.
    The Mechromancer is one of the most fun classes in the game but I have to say, I ALWAYS run a Siren. Phaselock is too good in a lot of situations.

  2. Dee says:

    I played with a friend who was a Siren. I loved her healing abilities, especially with my tendency to run in recklessly!

  3. kate says:

    Hey Dee! Glad to see you are back at it! I rolled a commando and have to say I’ve really enjoyed the play through…I’ve heard the Mechro is really over powered but my friend has been playing as one and the skills are awesome! I think on my next play through I’ll roll a Mechro. As a person who has played FPS’ throughout my gaming “career” this is definitely trickier than Halo…which I feel seems to have some god-modding in it…I feel like Master Chief can take a LOT of damage before it really counts. And Left 4 Dead really is just kind of awesome! Although hard on that lives up to the name. Anyways – are you awaiting Star Craft 2 Heart of the Swarm – or do you play many RTS’?

  4. Dee says:

    Hi Kate! Mechro is DEFINITELY overpowered lol. But that’s part of the fun! I love the robot (Deathtrap).

    I’m looking forward to Starcraft 2, but honestly I’m not all that great at RTS. I used to play Starcraft and Warcraft and Civ and even LoL. I like playing against the computer, but when it comes to playing real people online I always lose! Do you play it online?

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