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My Journey to Loving FPS: Borderlands 2

So I’ve never been a huge FPS fan. Mostly because I don’t like things that I’m bad at – and, oh, was I bad at FPS. The only first-person perspective game that I was ever good at was Portal, which … Continue reading

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Mea Culpa

I’ve been a bad blogger (I just picture someone towering over me with a newspaper saying “Bad blogger! Bad!”). I haven’t blogged in MONTHS. It was last YEAR the last time I blogged. That might as well be eternity in … Continue reading

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The Avengers Review

I loved it! It’s hard to figure out what I want to say, because I’m still kind of stunned by its awesomeness. I went to see it at the midnight opening last night, in 3D. Oh and by the way, … Continue reading

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Google Zerg Rush

To any StarCraft fans reading: Go type “zerg rush” into Google. Don’t forget to click on the O-zerglings to destroy them and protect the search results! GG

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Cabin in the Woods

I just went to see Cabin in the Woods, which came out today. Normally, I’m not the biggest fan of horror. I mean, I like reading Stephen King, I love zombie films, I watch Supernatural, and Silence of the Lambs … Continue reading

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Baldur’s Gate Website Countdown

For those of you who don’t know, the Baldur’s Gate website started a mysterious countdown. Having watched it slowly inch towards 00:00:00, I was getting pretty excited! If a Baldur’s Gate 3 were to be made, I would be incredibly … Continue reading

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Mass Effect 3

33 hrs. 4 days. I beat Mass Effect 3 yesterday, and after spending countless hours playing Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 multiple times, I was very invested in this conclusion to the trilogy. Mass Effect is one of my … Continue reading

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